The Making Change EP

Recorded and released in 2012, this is our second EP and contains some of our most favorite songs ever! We like to think that within these five tracks there’s something for everybody and their mother – you got your pizza-fueled pop punk awesomeness (Reason To Stay), straight forward Rawk and Roll (Better Man) and yes, we even threw in a tear-jerkin’ acoustic ballad (Fool). We’re very proud of this one and psyched to have it up for download here on Bandcamp!


released December 14, 2013

Produced by Gary Cioffi and John Dello-Iacono at Maximum Sound Studios, Danvers, MA.

Skin & Bone EP

The Skin & Bone EP was recorded in the winter of 2014 at Bridge East Studios, under the influence of bargain whiskey and supermarket lobster salad sandwiches. It features four re-workings of our favorite older Sienna tracks (Reason To Stay, Better Man, Dream, Change) and two totally new ones (By Your Side, Island Jam). It’s our most stripped down and laid back release by far, and we want as many people as possible to hear this and dig it, so that’s why it’s available for download here on Bandcamp for free! Enjoy, and thanks so much for listening.